Who We Are


About Our Cause

Though Change of Omaha is a new organization, we are moving full steam ahead with our initiatives to bring positive change and equity to our Omaha community. Change of Omaha has three major goals. These goals are:

Let's Make a Change

To begin achieving these goals, we’ve started the community clean ups. These clean ups align with our goal of community revitalization.

We are also collaborating with organizations such as Omaha Permaculture to invigorate community gardens, which both beautify areas riddled with vacant lots as well as provide fresh food in food deserts around the city.

We also have long-term plans to elevate Black businesses in Omaha through a collaborative project that will recirculate more collective wealth throughout the Black community.

untitled 23 - Change of Omaha - Omaha-based non-profit organization providing support to communities all around Omaha.


We are currently accepting donations for this rally as it is our top priority right now.

We believe now is the time for the youth to stand up. For far too long, we’ve watched and waited for results to come from empty promises and performative activism. We are now demanding change. Supporters like you are the reason we’re going to be successful.